About Us is a company established in December 2021. This company is found by Siti Aisyah and Intan Syamira as co-founders.  We actively sell up-to-date scarfs with the best quality at an affordable price as well as cute scrunchies to tie up your hair neatly and beautifully. Other than that, we also provide you with friendly customer service so that you can enjoy your shopping. Please visit our catalogue and social media account for more info about our products.

Our Product

Customer Feedback

Owning tudung ni senang gila nak bentuk. Memang a ready to go hijab for me. Material pun tak panas. In love gila. Tak sabar nak pakai color yang lain.

- Syamizi Syamiz


This is the perfect scrunchie for any outfit! So sturdy. This one is my personal favorite from my collection. You will not regret this purchase!

- Asfari Affa


Material kemas dan senang nak bentuk tau!

- Intan Syamafa


Super cute! It holds a lot of hair and doesn’t fall out! I love it! Even the design is so cute, Will repeat again with different designs.

- Cajani Ami


Awning sangat senang nak bentuk walaupun semalam banyak buat kerja yang boleh rosakkan awning. Kalau semua tudung macam ni, I will always be in a good mood 😉

- Anisha Shasha


Semua corak dan material cantik-cantik!!

- Iesya lalala


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